Meet the Top 150 Promising Nordic Startups - Nordic Demo Day 2023

Welcome to Nordic Demo Day 2023, where the finest Nordic startups converge with top-tier venture capitalists. We handpicked 150 exceptional startups based on strict criteria, including their funding history, location, and tech focus. 70% of these startups are actively raising their next round and ready to make their mark.



B2B SaaS company that simplifies the use of SAP through mobile apps for asset maintenance.


A community based wardrobe management app.


The datahub for automated property emissions reporting.


SaaS platform that helps haulage SMEs gain insights, improve efficiency and increase CO2 transparency.

Evido Health

Enables timely detection of a hidden and potentially fatal chronic liver disease.

Fortitudo Technologies

SaaS solutions that provide institutional investors with unparalleled market analysis and simulation capabilities.


A smarter operating system for the real estate sector and their tenants.

Inspectral AI

Safe and stable global food supply through AI over hyper-spectral imaging.


The integrated platform for high-quality carbon removal strategy & action.


AI-powered personalized learning app designed to help working professionals acquire essential soft skills through engaging, tailor-made content.


Bringing AI motion capture to every animator’s desc.


AI powered editor to create videos, 2D and 3D motion graphics in minutes.


Subscription Service for mobile games.


End-to-end Childcare management solution.


Lets you personalise you pitch based on ICPs and collaborate with your team to track winning phrases and market trends.


AI-powered blood pressure management app.

Question Base

AI-powered knowledge base that answers employees' questions in Slack.


Helps travellers discover their destination through self-guided audio tours.

Swöm ApS

Smart lifesaving swimwear technology that automatically inflates in a potential drowning incident.

Uptimus ApS

Uptimus is a Fleet-as-a-Service startup, providing an innovative and sustainable solution for small and medium-sized transport companies to seamlessly transition to electric vehicles through a subscription-based model.

Waitly ApS

Taking the hassle out of waiting lists.


The next generation of photosharing apps, helping young people to increased self-esteem.

Sidsel Høyer, Co-founder & CEO at Dora


Commu App

Free mobile application that allows you to request and give help in your local area.


Animal-free platform for human disease modeling.


Turns mobile ad impressions into installs, with our mobile marketing software-as-a-service.

Moi Panda

Helps children truly become global digital citizens.

Prönö Enterprises Ltd

Knowledge-as-a-Service platform.

RoboMed Oy

Robotic capsule for endoscopy and biopsy of GI tract.

StageZero Technologies

AI data and analytics company focusing on speech and text.

Pasi Laine, Co-founder & Head of Business at Prönö


Empower ehf.

Making organisations inclusive by eliminating toxic work culture through data and micro learning.


Makes families happier by simplifying household management.


Developing a productivity tool for healthcare providers to reduce administrative burden.


Music creation made easy.

Alma Dóra Ríkarðsdóttir, Co-Founder & CEO at Heima



Rewarding forest owners for the good they do for the planet.


Helps teams extract data from documents and emails without technicalities in a few clicks.


Simplifies simulation-driven design for millions of engineers globally.


Brings the hotels to 21st century by delivering a 360 solution to fully digitalize the hotel guest journey.


SaaS solution for heavy machinery and truck traders.


AI-based engine which makes cross-border lending possible for the banks and consumers in EU.


Helps B2B industrial distributors to make vendor-managed inventory affordable with smartphone-operated lockers and warehouses.

Three Cubes

Game based home learning platform, for soft and hard skills improvement.


Brings together local gig workers, offering a solution that enhances the efficiency of retail operations.


B2B procurement platform for customisable commodities.


The energy platform for the electrified, low-carbon household.


Simple legal and technological solution for giving your contributors stake in your business via virtual shares.

Kaido Saar, Co-Founder & CEO at Mifundo



AI-powered SaaS platform for building documentation. AS

Unbreakable Web3 infrastructure that seamlessly scales with you.

Invite Guest Technology AS

Empowering the guest revolution - simplifies rental through automation and self-service.

SaaS platform offers seamless rental services to customers and professionals.


Helps service providers to know that it is still the correct user; and the users can just be themselves.


Modulize is an intuitive, web-based, data driven software solution that empowers the construction industry to build more sustainably.

Plot AI

AI based map tool that tells you where to buy, what to build and how to price it based on current market trends and historical data.


A social media platform where users can learn about finance and invest together.

Tørn AS

Marketplace where professional sellers of building materials and supplies can sell their surplus and deadstock to customers across the country.

Travelin.Ai (Disrupt Industries AS)

Next generation business travel platform for end customers & travel management companies.

Unisot AS

The universal source of truth for global supply chains.


Helps making sustainable investments and business decisions, through emissions reduction and avoidance tool.


A high-end consent management platform that uses international standards to handle consent and record management.

Madeleine Bjørnestad Røed, Co-founder & CEO at Stack



Revolutionizes forestry with battery-powered drones, elevating precision forest management and maximizing forest value.


Helps individuals to spend less, save more and invest smarter.

Anatomic Studios

Blending design, fashion, and 3D technology to reimagine prosthetics as personalized fashion statements.

Angry Camel

Game-changing deep foodtech startup revolutionizing the plant-based protein market with its superior chickpea protein isolate.

Asker Technologies AB

B2B SaaS that use generative AI to help companies conduct more unbiased job interviews to identify top talent.

Avanto Care

Helps caregivers get value from their data through smart algoritms.


Direct to patient telehealth to men.

Ballers App

Better opportunities for children and young people in their sport.

Birds Relations

A relationship app developed by psychologists.


The #1 place globally where customers spend their crypto.

Bookboost AB

Customer experience platform for hospitality brands.


Makes coaching accessible and affordable.

Combify AB

Empowering property professionals with real-time construction project data for informed decision-making and business growth.


Brings healthcare into the future, by leveraging technology our system supports all (health) care providers to reduce their admin and enable more time with patients.

Dazoq AB

B2B SaaS, that provides AI-powered, cost-effective energy management software for energy intensive manufacturing industries.


Community that helps people to make better purchase decisions and find the best deals and offers.


Trademarking simplified.

Elonroad AB

Creating infinite range with minimal climate impact by charging EVs while they drive.

Emigreat AB

Digital infrastructure that helps HR managers automate employee relocation processes while staying compliant with local laws.


Gives companies control over their carbon footprint by simplifying activity data collection and emission calculations.

Emotional Fitness Sweden AB

Building the world's largest platform for peer to peer coaching, where any group of people learn to take turn coaching and being coached by each other.

Exhale Health

Minimizing churn by combining retention & product UX.

Fenix Solar

Optimizing solar production with digital twin technology.

Focalpay AB

Next generation commerce platform that combines payment and retail processes.


Helping businesses stay connected with their customers, enabling them to offer more products and services to product owners.

Gardenize AB

A mobile app, who makes gardeners grow.


Helping the modern talent join the impact tech wave.


On Gritify, there are tens of thousands of sought-after talents who are anonymously open to new career opportunities if the offer is right.


A smart and innovative age-tech service that aims to break the loneliness of our oldest citizens, while offering meaningful employment for young people.

Hemavi AB

A co-living platform using an algorithm to connect roommates who actually get along.

Hemie Sverige AB

Automated, intelligent, and environmentally friendly home solutions to enhance quality of life.


A code-free cloud platform where sales staff in manufacturing companies can easily create AI-driven XR without the need for programming skills.


Actual social media platform.


On a mission to decrease our collective dependence on cars to get from A to B.

Imvi Labs

Reinventing vision training, changing lives.


A new era of tailored computing for image and video processing.


B2B SaaS for independent healthcare pros to manage their day, hiding high-tech features in a consumer package for this multi-billion euro market.

Kiwi Trader

Innovative, user-friendly trading platform offering low-cost trades, fractional shares, and AI-driven portfolio management.


Connecting healthcare with a unified integration layer, inspired by open banking.

LunaMicro AB

Developing revolutionary, patented textiles that pump water with power from a small battery, making clothing and gear more sustainable and improving their performance.

Mbegu Solar AB

B2B software platform that enables solar companies to unlock $1 trillion climate finance with carbon revenue.


Medtech company measuring ECG in the home.


Digital platform that matches women to their best-fit psychologist.

Minimal App AB

AI platform for women’s well-being as they transition through menopause.

New Native

Pioneering organization operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence and investment, with the ultimate goal of accelerating innovation and driving human progress forward.

Noda Intelligent Systems AB

Building AI solutions for half of the worlds energy usage.


Climate optimization of construction projects.


Open source AI-accelerated visual development Platform for building enterprise-grade custom apps.


Digitalizes EU directives within the food and beverage industry.

Nygen Analytics

SaaS for genomics data lifecycle.


A SaaS health tech company that contributes to a sustainable future by preventing mental health issues among the younger generation.


Revolutionizing the management of chronic women's conditions with an AI-powered digital therapeutic that utilizes data-driven care.


A digital self management tool for chronic pain patients, powered by a proprietary AI.


Making reuse as compelling as buying new, with a matchmaking service for companies looking to buy or sell pre owned furniture.


The first real-time salary system.

Peak Energy AB

The smartest way to charge your electric vehicle.


The most representative panel research platform in the Nordics.


Plants highly automated software delivers data on climate impact of construction and buildings.

Polar Light Tech AB

Developing smaller, brighter and more efficient micro-LEDs for HUD/HMD applications.

Poow The Food Hero

Helps picky eaters become food explorers.

Profundus AB

Advancing eye diagnostic preserving life quality.


Transforming the way readers access premium articles on newspapers by offering a frictionless one-click pay system.


Automatically securing cloud software.


Catalyze scale-up of 95% more sustainable meat.


B2B SaaS Post-market Success platform for MedTech.


A B2B SaaS development platform for vehicle software.


The AI-driven sourcing platform, we find the best products to sell online.

Scaleout Systems

Secure and privacy-preserving machine learning - AI without compromising on data ownership and privacy.


Building AI native product design tools for the enterprise, reimagining how teams build digital products in the era of generative AI.


Sells software to companies to navigate and purchase the best learning and development content in the post-chatgpt era.

Skip Meal Intermittent Fasting

Helps people create healthy habits with intermittent fasting, fun, and effective 10-min workouts, healthy recipes, and guided meditations.

Songsay Media Group AB

If MTV and Giphy had a baby.


Finding injection attacks in code.

Southern Lights

SaaS for green energy development.


The new live streamed sport channel within audio.


Aims to leverage voice synthesis technology to enable parents from all over the world to narrate bedtime stories for their children, providing a personalized and engaging experience.

Stopgap AB

"Currently One" puts their users in control of their electricity consumption.


Building a platform for the hybrid future of frontline operations, connecting humans with technology to drive action and profitability in store operations.


A school management tool that actually works (and scales).

Stylee Intelligence AB

Transforms the online shopping experience for fashion retail customers.

Sweratel AB

Wi-Fi basestations with up to 500 meters range.

Tender Technology AB

Open market where real estate and construction companies can freely meet, do business and create value together in a transparent and fair way.

The Patient Company

A complete SAAS platform for the fastest growing private healthcare clinics.


The app that is rewarding you for working out.


Making crypto indexes for ETF issuers.


Delivers digital voice training to individuals who need to achieve a more hearable, reliable and comfortable voice.


Reinventing the way we pay at restaurants with the No-POS solution.

Yazen Health

The data-driven weightloss clinic backed by science.


Find and pay for services around the home - easy, legal and safe.

Your Beet

Digital platform connecting grocery retailers, food brands, food creators to simplify consumers' planning & shopping for healthy and sustainable food.

Anastasia Trofimova, Co-founder & CEO at Your Beet

Nordic Demo Day 2023 showcased the power of Nordic startups, leaving us on the edge of our seats for the remarkable future they will shape. Congrats to all participants for their bold ideas and innovation!

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