Making Venture Capital Available to the Next Generation of Startup Founders

Throughout the years, venture capital has been reserved for a small group of founders, with the right background and the right network. Still today, VC backed startup founders don’t represent European diversity. This is why we at Fast Track Malmö launch the Fundraising Bootcamp for Underrepresented Founders. We want to democratize access to startup capital by opening up our VC network and sharing our knowledge on how to raise VC funding. 

The Fundraising Bootcamp for Underrepresented Founders is a one week event taking place online and in Malmö in September

Join us 13-17th of September for workshops, investor mentorship and pitch feedback. Radically available with no application process and no interviews. 

Monday to Thursday sessions will take place online.

The Friday full-day session with dinner on the 17th of September will be in Malmö, where those available to join will meet on site. 

Join us if you have:

- A digital, software or hardware product

- A scalable business model

- An MVP, users and/or a website

- Based in Europe

- At least one co-founder that identifies as a person of color, female, LGBTQ, disabled and/or is a refugee

Signups close on the 5th of September.

Bootcamp Schedule

Meet the Bootcamp Mentors

Melinda Elmborg, Fast Track Malmö
Owen Reynolds, Expon Capital
Nikita Andersson, Hummingbird Ventures
Nino Subotic, Fast Track Malmö
Maxine Rior, Northzone
Karolina Kukielka, InReach Ventures
Fabian Erici, Norrsken VC
Sofie Batalov, J12
Tatiana Shalalvand, Inventure
Francesca Baillieu, Project A Ventures
Caroline Wachtmeister, Industrifonden
Edward Keelan, Octopus Ventures
Sara Rywe, byFounders
Viet Le, La Famiglia
Heidi Lindvall, Pale Blue Dot
Claes Mikko Nilsen, NordicNinja VC
Kristi Kurvits, Tera Ventures
Thomas Bacon, Maki VC

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