Introducing the FTMO Spring Batch of 2018

In January, the FTMO quarters on Anckargripsgatan became home to the six start-ups who were selected for this year’s accelerator program. Who are the six early stage companies who prevailed in a selection process that included over 460 applicants?

In terms of statistics one could state that four of the start-ups are Swedish, one is German and one is French. But that wouldn’t do justice to the actual internationality of the batch, with founders being not only Swedish, German and French but also Croatian, Egyptian, Dutch and American. There has also been a notable increase with regard to gender ratio compared to the last batch: 66% of the six start-ups have a female co-founder and 33% have a female CEO. Half of the start-ups operate in the health tech sector by random chance. But with the other three being active in the mobility, social media and communication sector, diversity is guaranteed.

The start-ups in this year's accelerator program are:

Boost Thyroid

Boost Thyroid is an AI-based self-help solution for people that live with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disorder. The solution helps users avoid health complications and age well using machine learning to provide personalised predictions. The co-founders have previously helped to build some of Europe’s most promising startups, including Clue and Wrapp, and have research background from academic institutions such as Karolinska Institute and The Royal Institute of Technology.


Nanovare develops intelligent and data-driven solutions to analyse male fertility rates. The solution is faster and more accurate than industry standards and also analyses the collected data to provide new insights into the causes of male fertility and its downward trend.‍


Aiten combines online healthcare and medical measurements to improve the lives of people with chronic diseases. The service helps people with chronic diseases help themselves, by keeping the patients and their doctors up to date by using collected data and applying algorithms.

Starke Cycles

Starke Cycles is a new, bicycle-based solution for last-mile-delivery. The solution is based on a quick roll on, roll off-system. It’s environmentally friendly and takes up to two EU pallets and 300 kilos weight. A patent for the solution is currently pending.


Bookboost is a proactive guest messaging tool that helps hotels to boost guest engagement throughout all phases of the guest journey, from pre-booking to after-stay. Bookboost’s platform bundles different messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and more into one single platform. The main benefits are more direct bookings on the hotel website, and more direct relations via increased loyalty and an unforgettable experience for the hotel guest. The service has already been rolled out at several different hotels in Europe.


Panion is like an inbox for potential friends. Tag your profile with keywords that best represent you and search for others with overlapping interests. Whether you've just moved to a new place, you're travelling to a new city, you've discovered a new hobby, or just want to make a new friend, Panion is an efficient way to find new friends nearby. Jumpstart a new friendship knowing you already share common interests, values, goals and experiences.

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