Introducing FTMO Spring Batch of 2019

In February, FTMO has once again become home to the 8 startups that were selected for this year’s accelerator program. Who are the 8 new star(tup)s of the FTMO?

Competing with 550 applications from all around the world selected startups are building companies in areas such as education, AI, female health and digitalization of veterinary care. Looking at the statistics, we can state that three of the startups are Swedish, two are from the UK and others are from Romania, Latvia, and France. But the true diversity lies in the fact that 80% of the start-ups have at least one female co-founder with 40% having a female CEO, where we see an increase of 21% from the last year.

The start-ups in this year's accelerator program are:


Digitail is a software solution that helps the entire veterinary ecosystem providing different modules for veterinary clinics, pet owners, suppliers, and insurance providers. The cloud-based SaaS solution for veterinary clinics responds to the needs of the doctors and automates redundant activities in order to let them focus on providing healthcare services. The solution for pet owners is a digital health card app that enables them to better communicate with the veterinary clinics.


Jolle offers a better banking solution for SME’s. We provide financial intelligence through leveraged data. With a great user experience, we create smarter decisions in financial transactions.


Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms along with proprietary data, Neurolabs is building the best-in-class product recognition system for retailers, with applications ranging from on-shelf monitoring to fully automated checkout experience.’s vision is to put female health in the hands of women worldwide. We focus on low resource settings where women lack knowledge and health care within sexual and reproductive health. We provide an AI automated chat service that lets women track their period, understand fertility and ask female health questions.


Riteband develops the world’s first stock exchange for music to empower artists and provide them with faster funding from fans and investors. Through the Riteband community, fans will be able to connect with and help promote their favorite artists, and anyone – from music lover to institutional investor – will be able to invest in an asset class whose risks do not correlate with systematic risks in other markets. Find the hit, make money!


Syrona is a women's health platform that helps women monitor their own gynecological health at home. It helps with early detection of fertility issues, endometriosis, and gynecological cancers. Syrona develops and delivers home tests with results shared securely through digital channels. Using the power of artificial intelligence, Syrona hacks digital and biological markers of disease to provide patients insights about their female health!


For Africans and Africans in the diaspora that experience inconvenient and expensive financial services and hidden fees, Eversend is a one-stop financial services marketplace that provides a multi-currency wallet allowing them to exchange, save and send money at the best possible rates, while offering insurance, virtual debit cards, personal loans, and other financial services. is a music education software that makes it easy to learn music by playing popular songs together in class. It enables teachers to provide engaging, hands-on music education experience to even 30 students at once, without spending 10h per week on selecting songs, preparing materials and mastering every instrument in the song. It inspires children to practice music at home.

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