Introducing FTMO Spring Batch of 2021

We are happy to reveal our Batch 2021! It was not an easy choice, but we've once again selected 9 startups for this year’s accelerator program. Who are the 9 new star(tup)s of the FTMO?

Fast Track Malmö is an accelerator that helps European startups to accelerate their growth and raise their first VC round. We have one batch per year with 7-10 companies who join the program from March to May.

This year has been tough to pick the batch for Fast Track Malmö. We’ve received almost 400 applications from all around the world. And we were impressed by the quality - as over half of the applications were from startups that already had a product with active users.

The 2021 batch of the Fast Track Malmö accelerator program has a great mix of startups from health tech, artificial intelligence and climate impact to financial tech and community growth.

Looking at the geography of our Batch 2021, we can state that five of the startups are Swedish, two are from the UK and others are from Norway and Denmark. But the true diversity lies in the fact that 45% of the startups have a female co-founder, we are happy to continue our work and aim to be industry leaders when it comes to women in accelerators.

The startups will get dedicated mentors  - FTMO Co-Leads - Nino Subotic and Melinda Elmborg, to challenge and support them in business development. FTMO accelerator program has other coaches who provide specific support in financing, tech, growth, team development and much more. They also gain access to FTMO’s community of VC’s, founders and experts all across Europe.

The following startups have been chosen for this year’s program:

Neurolytic Healthcare

An Oxford based precision telehealth startup using genomics and digital biomarkers to remotely personalise treatment for migraine. They are about to finish the largest precision-phenotyping study for migraine treatment worldwide with 1000 participants.


A digital service that identifies and analyzes children’s mental illness. The company addresses the public sector and has 13 customers and about 50 more waiting to sign.

Hi Right Now

A web app that enables remote teams to build a strong culture via 1:1 watercooler video chats that foster genuine connections.


A network for power bank-sharing that reached over 25 000 app users in their first year. In their network of stations, there are big-name actors in for example retail, hospitality, and restaurants.


A digital solution to faster switch between any focus, role, or project without ever losing track of where you are. Target users today are developers who rely on frequent context-switching to stay productive. They currently have over 700 users waitlisted.


A digital platform that disrupts how tools are made available - with a rental as a self-service platform for homeowners. In 2020, Leid rented out more than 2000 tools to homeowners.


A novel ECG device which replaces Holter monitoring and eliminates the need for surgery for long term monitoring. This also makes it possible to collect more data to better prevent cardiovascular diseases. The device is currently undergoing FDA and CE approval.


A digital service using behavioral science to make sustainable choices easy and accessible for workplaces and municipalities that want to nudge people to make climate friendly choices. 20 000 people have already been nudged and encouraged to switch their daily commute to a more sustainable option.


A tenant relationship platform that connects tenants and landlords in the rental space. They ensure streamlined communication and operations, superior tenant service experiences and new revenue streams. The company has over 600 apartment units subscribed to the platform.

The journey of FTMO Batch 2021 has begun! 

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