We help talented teams accelerate their growth and raise their first VC round

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We help teams raise their next big VC-round

Fast Track Malmo is a high quality accelerator that helps great startups grow, raise investment and enter new international markets. We are helping build the next unicorns of Europe.

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“Two things I'm specially proud of. One is that our startups have an 80% follow on investment rate and secondly that we had 59.3% female co-founders & 33.3% female CEOs so far. That makes us world leading when it comes to gender equality“
Nino Subotic –Accelerator Co-Lead @Fast Track Malmo
“I’m impressed by the quality of the startups and the large deal flow we meet through Fast Track Malmö”
Jeanette Andersson — Investment Manager @ Fast Track Capital

A great place for startups

 Malmö is a small city in the southern tip of Sweden with a booming startup community. Startups in the region have raised fourth most venture capital in all of the Nordics. Malmö is also the fourth most international city in the world with more than 190 nationalities.

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News & Updates

May 10, 2019
Blogstories: Riteband

It's about time we learn a bit more about FTMO startups, their challenges and goals! Starting off with Riteband - the stock exchange for music

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March 25, 2019
Introducing FTMO Spring Batch of 2019

In February, FTMO has once again become home to the 8 startups that were selected for this year’s accelerator program. Who are the 8 new star(tup)s of the FTMO?

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July 3, 2018
Introducing FTMO Bootcamp

We are excited to announce our one-week intensive mini-accelerator which will take place Sep 18-22nd 2018. The aim of the bootcamp is to help more startups accelerate their growth, bring startups to Malmö for a week, as well as to generate better deal flow for the Fast Track Malmö accelerator.

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Notable VC:s that are visiting us in Malmö