Joel Larsson

Managing Director & Co-Founder
+46(0)709 88 66 07

Joel is co-founder & managing director at Fast Track Malmo, one of the largest startup accelerators in the Nordics, investing in early stage startups. Fast Track Malmo is one of the programs at Minc, the startup house in Malmö 

He holds master of science in Information and communication technology, has a strong tech background and loves programming in languages starting with R.

Joel has started or held leading positions in everything from non-profits, bootstrapped startups to companies with larger investments.

He spends most of his day meeting with startups and weekends renovating an old sailing boat.

Quick facts about Joel

  • Stopped flying a few years ago to reduce his carbon footprint
  • Using an old phone without internet to be less distracted, but usually cheats with an ipad.
  • Has been one of the best Quake players in the world

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