We are a team with experience & dedication

We’re a startup accelerator that helps amazing startups grow their companies and raise investment. This is done through a 4-month accelerator program, accompanied with an initial investment of $40-70k per startup. With a combination of industry know-how, committed support, and progressive program building, we provide the best possible environment for our startups to thrive and succeed.

Since we started out only three years ago, Fast Track Malmö has become one of the most popular accelerators in Europe, with an acceptance rate of 1% and was voted the best accelerator in Sweden in 2017.

Our Demo Day has grown to the largest investment day in southern Sweden, attracting more than 100 investors from all over the world.

Meet the team

Joel Larsson

Managing Director & Co-Founder
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Heidi Lindvall

Head of Accelerator
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Emilio Bernard

Head of Design
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