Ari.arm is an online platform that helps you to invest in livestock, make money and a difference.



SceneThere is building the tools for easy publishing of real virtual worlds. Our publishing platform turns 360 videos into realistic worlds which anyone can walk around in using a VR-headset. We do for VR what word-press did for the internet.
SceneThere, DoneThat! :-)



Vevios is the future safety alarm. It creates a new mobile communication between user and homecare. Vevios focuses on solving the three mayor problems with the current safety alarms we have today; the communication, design and ergonomics. Vevios enables a safer and freer everday life for elderly.



Over 60% of fertilizers, and 90% of pesticides, go to waste, due to ineffective distribution of chemicals. By using drones and machine learning, Vultus helps farmers optimize the distribution of chemicals within their field. This creates larger, more high quality yields while saving costs and reducing environmental impact.


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