Lean analytics

Lean analytics

Lean is a method that has been useful for many companies over the past few years. The purpose is to reduce unnecessary work time or an over-production of products. Lean is best known for Toyota, they realized that they were producing more cars than they needed and with the lean method they could only produce as many cars as the customers were demanding and they had more time over for quality controls and in the end people still today say  that a Toyota is the most secure car you can ever have.

Many entrepreneurs have adapted this method onto their own business and we have gathered some information and videos that we think would be beneficial for you. Have a look!

Lean analytics 101 with Ben Yoskovitz

Ben Yoskovitz, entrepreneur and angel investor, previously at VarageSale and GoInstant as VP Product. Ben will discuss the core concepts of Lean Analytics, including what you should be tracking when, how to balance numbers with instincts, the one metric that matters, and whether it’s possible to be too data driven.

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