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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join the program at Fast Track Malmo?

  • No, it does not.

Do you pay rent for the office?

  • No, the office space is offered free of charge as part of the program.

Do you have to be in Malmö, Sweden, throughout the duration of the program?

  • Yes, at least two team members need to be in Sweden during the time. We believe that being on site is an advantage for everyone involved as it is difficult to network, meet mentors and investors, and get to know the community if you are not. However, we do not expect you to be on site every day during the week. We do believe in flexibility too.

Do you accept international start ups?

  • Yes, but to accept the investment we require you to setup a Swedish local entity (Aktiebolag, AB).

Is the program in Swedish?

  • No, the language spoken at Fast Track Malmo is English but between the 4 of us at Fast Track Malmo, we speak almost 7 languages. :)

Is it difficult to find an apartment in Malmö?

  • That’s a difficult question to answer. Usually it helps to know people in the city (this is something that we can help you with). Rental costs are vastly cheaper than Stockholm and Copenhagen, as is food and transport.

Where does the investment come from?

  • The investment comes from the accelerator fund which is backed by 10 local Angel investors. It is a convertible note of 300,000 SEK (a bit more than $30k).

How does a week at Fast Track Malmo look?

  • During the week you will have the time and space to work independently. As for the program, we always start the week with a quick check-in to get a sense of where everyone is in their work and life. Wednesday mornings, we host external workshops in topics relevant for your startup needs. You will also have the opportunity to get one-on-one mentoring from our fantastic pool of world class mentors throughout the program.

Is Malmö the best bike city in the world? (Ok, we admit, this is not a FAQ, but rather a fun fact)

  • No, but it is the sixth; meaning that you will be able to bike around the city with ease. Rental bikes are also all over town, ready to rent for a cheap penny. The maximum distance on bike is a 1 hour ride across town.

Why should I apply to Fast Track Malmo?

At Fast Track Malmo we believe in strong teams. When you come to us, your idea or product will most likely change but your team constellation wont! We believe that a strong team can achieve anything and therefore, you can count on us in facilitating team building and introspection to optimize conditions for your team and product. 

Will we receive feedback on our pitch deck or idea after applying to Fast Track Malmo?

  • Unfortunately no. As a policy, we do not provide feedback as we receive many applications making it difficult to give feedback to each applicant. 

How do you apply?

  • Applying takes between 2- 5 minutes and can be done here.

The form includes a series of short questions that will give us an understanding of who you are, what you do and where you are heading. Nothing too complicated.


If this FAQ didn't answer your questions, please email us at