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Mina Hesar, Kaos Pilot

Mina Hesar, Kaos Pilot

Last week we had the amazing Mina Hesar, from Kaos Pilot, here. It was a very inspiring workshop with good insights. Mina helped us and the startups to focus on our different characteristics and how we can benefit from it when working together as a team.

Mina is currently studying her second year, 4th semester at Kaos Pilot in Denmark and are now as we speak in Cape Town, launching their new project. Exciting! 

The school focuses a lot on entrepreneurs and leadership. If you would like to know more about the Kaos Pilot, be sure to visit their website.

It was a very good workshop, I learned a lot about myself and about my team. How we can be more efficient together and keep on growing.
— Nelly, Media and Communications at Fast Track

Have a good day!

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