Over 250 Applications for Fast Track Malmö

Fast Track Malmo #3 Green Banner and text.png

We had over 250 application from 43 different countries, covering every continent but Antarctica.

The startups are working on everything from drones, robots, bitcoin, games, sharing economy marketplaces.  There are a lot of startups with a concierge MVP aiming for an AI-endgame.

22% of the startups had a female founder which is a number we wish would have been higher.  We will do a separate post on this subject with some more data and how we worked on this.

On average the startups had 2 founders with 23% having 3 or more, one startup had a total of 7 founders.

140 applications came from the EU and 50% of those were Swedish.  Surprisingly we had 21 startups applying from South America, including Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia & Venezuela.

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